FS22 How To Maximize Crop Yield | Farming Simulator 22


In this video I review the needed steps to obtain the maximum yield for your crops and tell you how much yield boost you will get for each step.

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  1. Great video 1st how long did it take you to work all this out ? – must of taken many hours – Have you done green houses tests with market prices ? – It could say £ 1.240 but I only get £ 796 or less for one pallet – For example – I know they only need water – Am i missing something or is it s bug?

  2. Great tests! The one thing I'd note about the steps you took to max yield is plowing and herbicide are not needed together. If you plow there's no need for herbicide, so if plowing is needed then you can omit the herbicide. No plow needed, swap in the herbicide step

  3. I wish this game would add some random weather effects that would affect yield in the form of lack of / or too much rain… Would certainly add another level of realism.

  4. So rolling after cultivating and before seeding gets you the seedbed stage according to the map but has no effect on yield. But rolling after seeding has no visual stage on the map but gives you a yield bonus? So does that mean Giant have the stages wrong or is it a bug?

  5. i am guessing the direct drill takes after real life. what happens is the standing stubble its hardly touched and protects the ground from erosion and protects the young plants from the wind and sun yes the sun as much as plants love the sun it is very possible to have to much of it especially when there young.

  6. I have a few questions. If the game doesn’t require plowing and lime every harvest do you still get the 30% boost? Will you get weeds if you use the direct drill and if you do do you lose 10% by using the herbicide?

  7. This is a nice video, helps to solidify the knowledge. I'd be really curious to see some testing with the oilseed cover crop. I know it adds a whole bunch more possible variables, but with seasons it makes a lot of sense. Potentially if you direct drill the oilseed and then direct drill over it, there's zero fertilizer required 😎

  8. Useful video. I play with everything turned on, weeds, stones, lime, and plowing. Nice to see what kind of yields i can expect. I like to get max yields if possible. Many may think a 2.5% is not much, but when you have 4 fields, thats 10% and it adds up. Oh btw I came from Farmer Klein, he mentioned you.

  9. I really don't get this. Yes, there are several real-world variables that affect crop yield, but only a small fraction of those are simulated in-game. And given some real-world data, the complexity of the logic here is nothing that a first or second-year computer science major couldn't work out in a weekend: IF x & y & z & ~t, THEN…, ELSE IF….


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