FS22 Goldcrest Valley Contract Delivery And Profit | Farming Simulator 22


In this video I go over how to deliver Goldcrest Valley Contracts in Farming Simulator 22. I also show how to profit from the excess crops from the harvest.

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  1. Anyone know how to deliver bales to goldcrest valley using the train? I've got a bailing contract on the Frankenmuth Michigan map and I cant figure out how to load or sell the bales. I tried just stacking the bales on the flat train car strapping them down and then driving off the screen like when you sell other crops but it doesn't work. Just pops up and says Train will come back at the other end of the map but doesn't ask if I want to sell the bales. And when the train returns the bales are still on the car.

  2. pure tease for me this, i LOVE the Goldcrest valley map mod its perfect no building required all pens are out perfectly placed on perfect even ground so no need to mess up the map with editor.

  3. I have issues with contracts. I did one where I harvested and delivered a whole field, but the contract percentage never hit 100%. Thanks for the vid.

  4. Thanks for the tutorial! Really nice work! I would like to ask, is this really the only way to sell to Goldcrest Valley? I did a contract to harvest a field of canola and deliver it to GCV. I had my own crop of canola in the silo too. So, what happened was, that I loaded the train wagon full of canola and drove forward (I was assuming that the "overload" will come to my account). Nope. I lost the income from my whole crop as well as the overload from the contract. I mean, this must be one of the stupidest ideas ever in the history of gaming. Do I really need to calculate ever single time how much I take to the train wagon, if I want to sell just enough to end the contract and not lose the overload, not to mention my own crop? Any help appreciated!!! <3

  5. To meet it seems pointless in to do harvest contracts that sell using the train. In your example you would only gain ~$300 since the train was $1000 to rent plus $94 for the fees. OR was it only $94 due to it not being the full hour. I haven't experimented enough to know for sure.

  6. I had an issue finishing a fertilization contract, small field the boom went from one side to the other and I ran the whole thing twice and no go. Happened on another fertilization contract and I couldn't finish a planting harvest once on a contract as well. That and a few other bugs.

  7. Well I was told to harvest the wheat in field 36 BUT it was sunflowers in that field. wheat was in 37. harvested the wheat in 37 as it was the only field the hired kit would let me harvest. then took to the train and unloaded, then hired the train, said YES to selling the wheat at goldcrest but haven't been paid. the contract progress is still on 89% and field 36 is still flashing. go figure 🤔. seems to have some early teething problems.

  8. yes driver, grain harvests contracts for me are bugged on xbox one, i did one small field and thought it could be fertilize and lime but yesterday i did a big one 100% fertilized delivered 100k liters of barley and it said only 26% delivered , i used borrowed equipment so it took me 4 loads, potatoes and grass are good though, herbicide only on first year i took one to spray and the field was ready to harvest so the game didn't let me , only option to get rid on pending contract is canceling it, it won't charge you like it did on 19 when pf was bugged.

  9. Couldn’t finish a contract that had to be sold to Goldcrest Valley. Sold it in the train and only got 90% done even though I harvested the whole field and sold everything.


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