FS22 Crop Growth Time | Farming Simulator 22


In this video I review how long it takes to grow crops in Farming Simulator 22. We Look at data for Seasonal and Non-Seasonal game saves.

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Intro – 0:05
Seasonal Growth Data – 1:00
Non-Seasonal Growth Data – 4:10
Outro – 6:13

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  1. I think seasons suck. I hated it in 2019 and hate it even more in 2022 now it's forced on me. Hopefully someone will create a mod that disables it all the way around. At least enable a fast growth mod of some type. The sooner the better. ?

  2. This doesn't really help the speed of the crops but I started out logging and bought the sawmill so you can make planks for furniture so this gives you something to do while your waiting on crops and is quite profitable

  3. Faster Growing Crops option is needed. I dont know how many times i've went wake time in the house till the crops finally were ready. I remember in 19' and others where you could just speed up and theyd be ready in 3-5 mins.

  4. I'll just disable all of this for now, is to much time consuming for an occasional player like myself, I just play an hour or so per day and don't want to sit waiting for time to pass. Even so I have problems as growth speed is so low, hope a mod comes helping us to have crops grow in few days like fs19

  5. Idk how others would feel about it or if something like this will exist in the future, but I'm all in favor of using live weather data/time as an option . Some may say that's crazy or too boring. I think it would be awesome if you as a farmer would have to rely on the RL weather forecast and using real-time. I personally would prefer to use 365 real-time growth and live/data weather. Again, it's an option. I just think would be nice for those who want to have a more realistic farming experience as in RL. Also would be great for MMORPG.

  6. I’m going to show some ignorance here, as I haven’t yet been able to buy fs22 but do plan to here in the next couple weeks… with the planting and harvest situation, if you change the number of days per month does that mean it takes the longer period of time for the crop to mature in order to match up with the “harvest” times?

  7. When im growing cotton, even on 120x speed, it takes about an hour of real time which is not ideal for just starting out when im only focusing on that ONE field. It gets really boring and im just scrolling through tik tok and watching youtube videos while I wait. I turned off seasons because of the expense of growing different types of crops.

  8. So giants really kind of got rid of the arcade like play and made game more realistic style. This will upset some players on console, I'm sure someone on pc will make a mod to fix this.

  9. Fs19 crop rotation was better. This is too frustrating waiting. I want to play the game not wait until it's ready. I love the production line idea but until seasons off means seasons off I'm going back to 19.

  10. its soo annoying this long growing time ive waited for over 2h real time for my crops to grow ready and i have on the timer in game 120x all the time,
    they have to fix this do something about it,in fs19 it was alot better when you could change in the settings menu the growing speed

  11. Do you know what happens if you attempt to sow a month early or a month late, does it let you and you get a lower yield or it just doesn't allow it. Same for harvesting. Thank you in advance

  12. The seasons are great! Wish they would just give us an option for faster growing crops. I love making a monster grain farm without using money glitches or cheats. With these slow growing crops its going to take forever to pay back my 500G loan ?


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