FS22 CoursePlay (Beta) First Look | Farming Simulator 22 | Mod Review


CoursePlay is still in development for FS22 and this quick look at the beta version will give you an idea of what is to come.

You can find CoursePlay here:

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  1. Do we know if courseplay will run multiple tools yet? I have a massive field and it would be nice to have both combined next to each other rather than across the field from each other

  2. The header width is a distance conversion error the devs are aware of (Issue 128). If you have the "measuring unit" set to Miles, the error occurs. This setting is found in the "gear" menu of the FS22 default settings. The only way for now to get it to show the correct width is to set the measuring unit to kilometers and restart the game.

  3. Hmmm. I hope there will be a control palette like before. Moving around through that is SO much more efficient than scrolling vertically through pages of all the settings jammed onto the same tab in the main settings menu. And if the Start At: Current Waypoint will still be a feature, I hope they fix that. It almost always resets to some waypoint way back near the beginning, or at least nowhere near where you stopped.


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