Fix Farming Simulator 22 Crashing, Freezing And Not Launching On PC


Fix Farming Simulator 22 Not Launching, Crash to Desktop CTD, Freeze On Windows 11 Or 10
Step 1) Restart Your PC
Step 2) Change D3D_12 value to D3D_11 in Documents folder
Step 3) Allow the game exe file to your antivirus program or Windows security
Step 4) Delete the game.xml file
Step 5) Delete the Shader_Cache Folder in Documents folder
Step 6) Delete the save game folder in Documents folder (You will lose the game progress)
Step 7) Try -dx11 in launch options
Step 8) Launch the game from game installation folder, Run game as an administrator
C:program files (x86)Farming Simulator 2022x64FarmingSimulator2022Game.exe
Step 9) Launch the game without CLAAS DLC
Step 10) Do a clean installation of graphics driver:

Step 11) Disable Steam overlay and close all the overlay application
Step 12) Update Windows to the latest version
Step 13) Install Visual C++ files:
Step 14) If you have Windows 10 N Edition: Install Media Feature Pack and restart your PC If your Windows version 1903 and above then open Windows Settings/Apps/Optional Features/Add a feature/type media feature pack in search box/now put a check on the box for media feature pack and click on install on the bottom
For Windows version below 1903 install it from here:
Step 15) Laptop users with dual graphics card run the game on dedicated graphics card
Step 16) Perform clean boot, close all the overclocking, disconnect all the external devices which you are not using and close all the background application
Step 17) Launch the game in Windowed mode, lower down resolution and graphics settings
Step 18) Uninstall and reinstall the game to the different drive.



  1. Guys in Step 2 if changing to D3D_11 does not work then you can even try D3D_10
    Also Steam users can try verifying the game files, make a right click on the Farming Simulator 22, select properties, go to the local files tab and click on verify integrity of the game files.

  2. I tried changing D3D_12 to D3D_11, and it kind of worked. My game launched but my 150+ hour world was lost. Sadly I don't know if this is a problem with farming simulator, or if it occurred from changing it from D3D_12 to D3D_11 ):


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