Filling up Sprayers and Spreaders Herbicide, Fertilizer, Lime // Farming Simulator 22


Filling up and emptying your spreader and sprayer can be tricky if you don’t know-how – In this video, I explain the basics in filling up with solid and liquid fertilisers and herbicides with sprayers and spreaders in Farming Simulator 22

Fertilizer Spreaders are machines that can be filled up with Solid Fertilizer, and then taken to a field where they will distribute it onto the soil. The fertilizer material itself is a mix of mineral compounds that are highly nutritious to plants. Any patch of field covered with this material will yield double the normal amount of fruit, when harvested.

There are only two Fertilizer Spreaders available in the game, and both are quite cheap compared to the benefits they bring. A Fertilizer Spreader consists primarily of a large tank that can be attached to a Tractor. The machine also has a pair of propeller-like devices at the rear, which are meant to spread the fertilizer when activated.

Fertilizer Spreaders must be filled with Solid Fertilizer in order to work. This type of fertilizer is available in infinite quantities at the blue Fertilizer Tank, which can be found at your farm as well as the Garden Center. However, every liter of Fertilizer you take from the tank costs money.

Once dragged out to a field and activated, the Fertilizer Spreader will continuously expend its supply of Fertilizer. Any ground within its working arc (a 26 meter wide arc behind the Spreader) will become fertilized instantly. Fertilizer Spreaders do not care whether the ground they are working has already been fertilized – they will continue expending Solid Fertilizer until they are turned off.

A Fertilizer Spreader can cover an entire field very rapidly, due to its large working width. Even the smaller of the two models available in the base game can cover about a hectare before it needs to be refilled.

Among other types of fertilization machines, Fertilizer Spreaders are the quickest and most efficient on smaller fields, despite the cost of the Solid Fertilizer itself. However, because they can only refill in specific locations on the map, they may be far less effective on larger fields where they may need to be refilled several times.

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00:00 introduction to fertiliser, lime and herbicides farming simulator 22
02:00 how to fill up solid fertiliser
03:00 how to empty solid fertiliser
04:00 how to fill herbicide sprayers
05:00 how to empty herbicide sprayers
06:00 how to fill liquid fertiliser sprayers
07:00 how to empty liquid fertiliser sprayers

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