Farming Simulator 22 will have 4 seasons


Let’s consider the season system in Farming Simulator 22

Game update in FS 22 —the change of spring, summer, winter and fall. The update everyone has been waiting for. Some time ago, we reported the latest part that contained a glance of the varying periods in a promo. In case you fail to see it, click on the link below.

Four periods in game

It’s worth briefly speaking on the subject of seasonal cycles before learning new information in depth. The main thing to recognize: the four periods interpretation is poles apart from earlier versions for FS 17 and 19. It’s a completely different reality. We have made a unique understanding of the four seasons that will be switched in the game. We can’t share much information because the development process isn’t finished yet. To be the first to see the news, register on our website and subscribe to our social networks.


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