Farming Simulator 22 will be released this fall



FS22 release day will be in the fourth quarter of 2021 or early 2022. The game can be accessed on any resource. FS22 is our game-making debut. As an internationally-focused studio, we want to make the product as high quality and realistic as possible. A CGI teaser trailer is presented below. After watching you can get acquainted with the game.


It’s going to be great

The latest crops, locations, cars and more — this is what awaits gamers. Snow will also be in the game. The cycle system is another new feature in our game ,which we will talk about some time later. At the moment 3 fresh locations are known, including the new Erlengrath map. It gives you the opportunity to engage in all kinds of agricultural activities. Agriculture, livestock production and forestry have never been so mind-blowing: around 400 machines and instruments from more than 100 real agricultural brands will appear in the game. In short: Farming Simulator 22 has never had so many additions and freedoms.


Increased productivity and authenticity

Update FS22 is predicated on the GIANTS Engine 9 and has been improved to perfection. Thanks to the realistic engine operation, gear selection and timbre change depending on the load, the sound is of higher quality. Performance in FS in 2022 will also be improved: Support for DirectX 12 for Windows, multithreading improvements, texture streaming, occlusion clipping and temporal anti-aliasing, among other improvements. Such changes will be able to provide performance gains on all systems, laying the groundwork for even more engaging mods. Personalization and even last-generation console expansion will allow for better slot utilization. We look forward to sharing more information. We’ll let you know about the new features as soon as we’re ready to share them. Other details and mechanics will be declared in the coming months.




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