Farming Simulator 22 – Western Wilds – Episode 9 #farmingsimulator22 #fs22gameplay


The cows are coming home everybody! It is time to saddle up and bring them back. On top of that I have the financial headache or wondering how I am going to fund it all. Enjoy.

Happy watching Happy farming

The Cereal Farmer

Map: western Wilds by AlienJim

Vehicles and Equipment:
Standard equipment – GIANTS software
AGI Pack (Silo) – GIANTS software
Fenceless Husbandry – Cookiecat
Lizard Subsoiler 6MT/9MT – Black Sheep Modding
John Deer Gator Pack – Black Sheep Modding
Lizard Forage Pick up – Fluffymods
Maple Syrup Production – GtX
6 Ton Fertiliser Spreader – 82Studio
John Deer 1113 planter – Erik Isac, Adriano Ivankio, Agro Mods
Packing Facility – CookieCat
John Deer HX20 Mower – Black Sheep Modding
Lizard R90 Rake (Windrower) – Hispano
Horse Pasture – AtzeVR
Buildings pack (log cabins no sleep trigger) – AlienJim
Rolland Pack MOD – Univers Simu Modding
Big bag and support package – Farm Centru Sul
Animal barn pack – AlienJim

Playstation Sharefactory Free Soundtrack Library

Farming Simulator Website:



  1. Another GREAT episode. I've been binge watching your Calm Lands series the past couple days. Loving it! The series on Western Wilds is my favorite thought because of the horses but everything I've watched of yours is really, really good. I will watch your Calmsden series when I catch up on the Calm Lands series. Looking forward to more great adventures! Thank you for making the videos.


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