Farming Simulator 22 Tutorial | Chickens


Chickens: place coops, buy chickens, feed them grain, sell eggs or put them in the bakery! Done.

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  1. ok am i having a bug ? i cant pick those pallets up with my hands.. i need a fricking forklift.. every single person i watch on youtube picks them up with there hands.. why cant i do that ?

  2. To bad they don't take corn, in my world they eat about anything, just like pigs. Also they need water in my world. To bad that isn't implemented. Time for mods. 🙂

  3. Giants do realise that for a chicken to reproduce it does need a cockerel 🤣 it seems weird they didn’t make this a thing.
    Cockerel = baby chicks , no cockerel = eggs.

  4. For some reason the chickens in my coop are at 50% health and the chickens in the pasture have 100% health. Both are full of wheat and i cannot find anything online telling me what if affects the chickens health. Also getting sick of egg pallets sticking into the ground and unlike the lettuce pallets I cant get the egg pallets unstuck. Awesome game but get it together Giants

  5. @ 6:40 STOP!!! You do NOT want to buy a POI (point / place of interest) you want to buy your own building, put it on your own land, Ir will pay you out more and the convenience of being close to YOU. If you are on a Multiperson server, if you nut a POI, you loc out all other players on that server from being able to access that POI….dont be that guy or gal.


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