Farming Simulator 22 Tutorial | Bale Wrapping (Silage)


Straw & Baling:

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  1. A lot of bales in my game can not be wrapped? I have a contract and it says nothing when trying to wrap. Doesn’t pick them up or anything like your video. They’re square if that matters

  2. Don't need to cut the wrap off the bales (at least not at the animal dealer) and you don't need to own the biogas plant to sell there, unlike previous versions.

  3. I am on PS5 no mods, and I cannot get any wrapper to unfold, I thought it was a bug so I tried the baler with wrap included and it is throwing them out unwrapped am I missing something?

  4. Why wont the POttinger Impress 185VC pro not autowrap for me. It should be able to do both, and I know it wont wrap 180 cm.. but i cannot get it to do any size 125 or 150.. it just releases everytime and no wrapping? HELP.. There must be some button or hotkey to tell the machine whether you want it just baled, or wrapped at either 125 or 150. So how does it know to do which? This isn't working at all for me and many others too.. could it be a bug? PC by the way.

  5. No matter what I do. I can’t wrap bales. Is there something in the settings that I’ve turned off that may have effected it. I’ve DL mods. It worked for one day then stopped. The two balers that come with the game they won’t wrap the game. I’ve tried all the sizes. The wrappers don’t work. Nothing. I’ve changed the size to what it requires. I want to cry.

  6. For the machine at 6:45 I wish they had in the description you had to bring the bales to the machine & pull it around with your tractor. Had to cancel an entire mission for field 71 because I messed up bad making the bales larger

  7. im on console but the wrapping feature wont work for me, even when i turn it to manual unload it still doesnt give an option to wrap it, it makes me really mad because i wanted to do something besides just grapes so i did grass for my other field and because i was low on money a leased everything so now i have 5g relying on silage bales that i cant make, also spent extra money on the baler with a wrapper so i could make silage bales

  8. Would the long tubes be easier to transport?
    I'm using the same cylinder wrapper you have here but it's a pain having to do it 3 times per year and take several trips to sell them. I was wondering if I could get a system with a wagon to balle to wrapper, or maybe square balles would work better as the unload functionality of them works better. Just wanted to find a way to get them in a lorry or something


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