Farming Simulator 22 New Farm Guided Tour – Beginner's Guide & Tips (Xbox One | Series S|X)


Here I go through the Farming Simulator 22 New Farm Guided Tour tutorials on Xbox Series X. I think these are confusing to a new player, so I’ve recorded me going through them with some explanations to help you.


Farming Simulator 22 has various new game modes. In this one, I’ve opted for new farm where you already own some land and machinery. This mode also includes some guided tour tutorials to introduce you to some of the basic mechanics of the game. Whilst the tutorials are of some help, they are no where near enough to understand how to work this game properly.

In coming weeks I’ll be churning out lots of tutorials to help you play this game. If you like this video and my others please consider likes, comments and a subscribe. Thanks so much!

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  1. Late to playing this game but your video perfectly sums up how a new player who played a bit of FS15 years ago (all so briefly played) was not sure what to do next. You hit each point: What do I do with the stuff on my wheat field (straw); how do I use this water storage; I just harvested why is it showing my field as growing…or is that weeds; etc. Very basic intro compared to what I vaguely recall from FS15's tutorial which I never finished.

    Looking forward to going through your tutorial videos. Lots to take in and looking forward to it!

  2. I agree there was far too much short info for the actual game tutorial itself and yet so very overwhelming. I didn't like how it had the AI's do the work for us, it could have been a good opptunity for them to teach us what the other mechanics on the machine does instead of paying an AI to do your job, I mean if you always use AI's what would be the point of even playing. They also neglect to tell you that using AI's they buy seed etc from the shop by default instead of using your own supply which earns the AI a x5 increase on the asking price so people need to know that they need to turn all those AI options off unless you want to pay them more.

  3. This tutorial is terribly rough. If you forget a little detail like attaching the counter weight, it’ll just leave you stranded with no indicators where to go. Plus I did everything properly on my second go through, yet I never got a flashing icon for the grain buyer or shop — though thankfully I could see the tall green beacon in the distance.

  4. Super helpful — thanks so much! 👍🏻

    Since my in-game guide (info icon) has disappeared after I've harvested and sown both fields — I had no idea what to do next until I've watched your video.

    Now I've sold wheat (following your tutorial) — no clue what my next steps are 🤦🏻‍♂️.


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