Farming Simulator 22 How to Reset Stuck Vehicles


Here’s how to reset stuck vehicles in Farming Simulator 22. Occasionally you can get a vehicle and attached tools stuck. There is an option available that will reset them back to the local shop.

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The most amusing time I got a vehicle stuck so far was when I was crossing a train line with a tractor and trailer full of grain. The train hit my vehicle and knocked the trailer over a wall. Thankfully vehicle reset managed to get things back to normal.

You can reset vehicles in Farming Simulator 22 by accessing the map and using the d pad to locate the stuck vehicle. Then simply hit Y to reset the vehicle and confirm.

Reset vehicle can also be used even is a vehicle isn’t stuck. I show this example too. Note that any other attachments on a vehicle also need to be reset separately. I show this in this video too.

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  1. Hey, I'm fairly late to the party lol. I'm in the right map but the vehicles dont show up? I'm new so don't know if I've managed to turn the option off or if its a bug?

  2. if you still cant detach the header or see the message that says detach, reset vehicle. It worked for me. Go to map, select the vehicle you are having p[problem with and find the reset vehicle option down in the bottom.

  3. Thank you for this! I knocked over a front loading tool and couldn't figure out how to put it back upright! I needed up selling it and buying a new one. I wish I could've found this video first! THANK YOU FOR THIS! 😀

  4. Pass along to Giants that they need to work on the driving aspect of the game. The controls are way to janky even with the in game values turned to the very minimum I still send vehicles on their sides or flipping across fields doing tasks haha.


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