Farming Simulator 22 How to Farm Chickens (Xbox One | Series S|X)


Here’s a detailed Farming Simulator 22 chickens guide tutorial showing how to go from a new farm to a working chicken coop. I show you everything you need to get up and running with chickens in the game.


I am playing Farming Simulator on Xbox Series X. But this tutorial will work for any Xbox version. PC would differ with the buttons you need, but much of what I show is still easy to understand.

Chickens are pretty easy to keep in Farming Simulator 22. My detailed guide shows you how to:

0:00 chicken guide start
01:00 prep the land for a chicken coop
01:53 build a chicken coop
03:40 buy food for the chickens
04:24 buy a tractor and add a front loader and low loader trailer
07:10 load the chicken food on the low loader with a front loader
11:43 transport food for the chickens
12:48 put food in the chicken coop
13:53 buy chickens and roosters
17:53 speed up time to allow the chickens to grow and increase in value
18:00 build a farm house to allow sleep overnight
19:28 adding lights so we can see at night
20:47 collect and sell the eggs.
32:24 build a farm shop to sell the eggs easier.
36:03 selling chickens

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