Farming Simulator 22 How to Cut Trees (Xbox)


Here’s how to do tree cutting on Farming Simulator 22 on Xbox One | Series S|X. I show tree cutting with a chainsaw and with a tree harvester. I am showing this process on Xbox One, but the process is the same on any platform.


To perform tree cutting in Farming Simulator 22, you need to own the land you want to cut trees down on. I show a great area to buy in the Elm Creek area which is full of trees including Pine Trees.

Using a chainsaw when tree cutting is by far the cheapest option. It’s a bit confusing as to how to cut the trees because you have to rotate the chainsaw before you can cut. Using a chainsaw to cut trees is hard to cut logs that are the same length. An upside of chainsaws in the game is that you can cut down any tree.

I also show how to use a tree harvester in the game. There are several models you can use, but they all work in a similar fashion. A tree harvester can rapidly cut down a tree, remove branches and cut the trunk into even length logs. You can set how long you want logs to be.

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