Farming Simulator 22 How to convert mods from Fs19 to fs22 and fix missing wheels


Farming Simulator 22 How to convert mods from Fs19 to fs22 and fix missing wheels
In this video I don’t convert the mod I just show you how to do it just because every mod is different and I was trying to keep the video as short as possible. I start by showing you how to let giants editor convert it for you auto conversion if you want to do it that way but I don’t recommend it then i show you the steps you should take to do it manually I will do a live stream one day to show it being done but this will differently put you on the wright path to getting your mods from Farming Simulator 19 to Farming Simulator 22 hope this helps.
Hope you enjoy so go ahead and hit that play button and let’s get to it.

:About 0.0% is time lapsed
:Platform, PC.
: music YouTube library.

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0:00 intro
0:50 What you need to convert mods
2:30 Auto converting mods
3:48 Getting started first thing to do
13:07 Log errors and warnings
19:29 Fixing Warnings
26:00 Farming simulator 22 main directory
26:30 where to find the new stuff to replace the old
30:00 where to find wheel stuff
31:40 Pathing
42:00 How to put new wheels on mod with i3d
45:45 Outro
47:38 Ending
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  1. Trying to convert a truck and got this error in the log. Manual conversion, following your video. "No max. update distance set for isActiveDirty moving part (vehicle.cylindered.movingParts.movingPart(0))! Use #maxUpdateDistance attribute."
    Can't seem to find any info on it anywhere.

  2. On 23:19 how select it. I go with mouse coursor but I cant mark it
    And second question. When moded car has own tire example bmw has own tire but car made for fs19 and I want convert which xml I can use for tire? In editor has tires but in game some car wont load when i put just file not zip In game show in menu in shop but wont load
    Question no3 is where is vehicleshaderLed and vehicleshaderLed1.xml. I try convert some mod but i get error for thar

  3. Trying to convert an asphalt paver to 22 from 19. I used giants to convert. But I have errors on the tracks and a few others. It does show up in the store in game however it freezes when I try to purchase. Is there anyway to push me in the correct direction

  4. So i've been trying to get these wheels to show up you can only color them with the material editing and i tired all types of shadder sources but still is not working same thing with the toolbox and the fuel tank in the back of the bed? I need some help if you could help

  5. Would you be able to do a video on this particular error and how to fix it. Any help would extremely grateful. No radius defined for wheel 'vehicle.wheels.wheelConfigurations.wheelConfiguration(0).wheels.wheel(4).physics#radius'! Using default value of 0.5!

  6. Salut, merci pour ta vidéo mais j'ai un soucis avec plusieurs mod que je veux reconvertir c'est que rien du tracteur aparait dans le jeu ou dans Giants editor apart quelques éléments comme les portes ou les autocolant, ce problème marrive que sur certains mods car j'en ai déjà reconverti 20 ou ceux là ont eus aucun soucis. Aurai tu la solution ?

  7. I have a challenge for you if you're up for it. I've tried to convert a FS19 mod and hit a dead end. Thought the easiest way to start learning would be to try converting simple shed mods so I went on a search and found "Old Wooden Garage" by Pan Simono. It was suppose to be simple, but for some reason one side of the doors is not visible. Something with shapes file I suppose. If you have time and knowledge, would you mind taking a look at it and if you can successfully convert it, could you make a video on it? You'll earn yourself a new subscriber or even more cause that video would be one of the best for us beginners in modding. Greetings from Croatia.


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