Farming Simulator 22 How to Build a House


Here’s how to build a house in Farming Simulator 22 on Xbox Series X. A house is useful in order to progress the game to the next day by sleeping.


To build a house, you’ll need to visit the screens menu and flick through the menus until you find the building options. Once you activate the build system, you can drill through many different buildings and structures.

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  1. Is there only 1 type of house in farm simulator? i'm tempted to get the game, but i love the idea of building a unique farm, but if theres only 1 style of house, 1 style of barn etc, doesn't it get dull quick?

  2. we demolished the preexisting house to put in a better house but it says only 1 item per farm when we tried to put in a new house. We tried all over the property and the message stays. What do we do to fix this?

  3. Exactly what i wanted to know. Just started today and trying different maps layout before starting for real. Quick and simple,thanks! Will come back for more.?


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