Farming Simulator 22 FS22 How To Use Manual Gearbox Controller Console


Todays farming simulator 22 Tutorial ON How to Use Manual Transmission Gearbox using a Controller on Console FS22 How to shift gears. Everything you need to know about FS22 Manual Gearbox transmission for console FS22 for PS4, XBOX and next Generation consoles PS5 , Xbox Series X.
I hope you found this video helpful and keep your eyes out for more farming simulator 22 tutorial.



  1. Yeah, that's basic understanding, but how about the base game tractor that has the "C" on? I can only get it up to 11 out of 26mph, and I can't seem to figure out how to go into the higher gears despite shifting up

  2. With an Xbox one controller on PC how do I make so my wheels DON’T reset to default position when releasing the stick when driving FORTH & BACK?
    Force feedback option in game start menu toggled ON/OFF does nothing and same with returning back speed?
    IRL when driving a tractor the steeringwheel & the tyres stay the way u set them – thats what I want.
    I can get it to work on keyboard but not with controller tho🤔 ?
    Happy for answers🙏


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