Farming Simulator 22 | Elm Creek Hard Mode | Episode 1


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Farming Simulator 22 | Elm Creek – Meeting the Neighbors | Episode 1

Tonight I move out to the country and get my self a new friend and Tractor!
I want to do some sheep farming – lets see if we can make money.

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  1. I don't know about chickens but all the dairy farmers where I grew up were definitely people of means. The life style they could afford was equivalent to that of a senior captain at a major airline or a well established doctor.

    Either that or they were just super in debt and didn't really care.

  2. Nothing better than coming across a great narrating voice, lackluster but funny and creative role play and a clear objective in a game which looks like you already have a decent understanding. This was a genuinely entertaining and fun way to experience the game!

  3. Amazing video…. I really, really love how you enjoy playing the game and roleplaying the characters… like when you see the used bale pickup with a big -61% next to it and you tell her on the phone "it's over halfway off….". Thank you so much for this entertaining series. Can't wait to see more like that. And I hope others will be inspired to not just look for the "fastest way to gain money" but instead to think "how could I have even MORE fun playing this…".

  4. I… must… refrain… from… watching … FS22…. videos… runs off buying FS22…

    Seriously though. My sensibility says that I should wait for a year or so, until the modding community catches up. But looking at it and it is yelling at me: "Buy me!"

    Also, I had to laugh at your opening sentence like "I want to be a farmer, I want to have a simpler life!" At least over here in Germany, being a farmer is far from having a simple life, what with the beaurocracy and such…!

    Great content, keep it coming! I like the laid-back attitude of your narration and such!


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