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Let’s Take a look at Farming Simulator 22!

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  1. VF,
    When I referred to the differences in laws and rules between countries, perhaps what might help to understand is the fact that in some countries you are obliged to hand over some kind of physical media that has the game on it. CD, DVD…USB stick…something like that.
    And the differences between image terms of use and copyright… a lot of things still have no specific legal support for the virtual world.
    And many countries use "consumer code" laws and rights for this.
    But lately…laws and constitutions are things that are only on paper.
    Or they take effect when the lawyer is good and expensive.
    But that's ok…
    Sorry for bothering you and using your space for some explanations that may have missed a larger context with some mistaken impression or opinion.
    once again.

  2. The big difference between everyone and everything…is in how you do it.

    We are what we eat.

    And what defines me…is not what I am, but how I do it.

    And one thing that has no side…is respect.

  3. Virtual Farmer,
    I am not against Giants or modders.
    I'm not a youtuber or anything, just a real, dedicated viewer and gamer.
    I have been playing Farming Sim since fs2013…I have all the games and their respective dlc's.
    Euro Truck too.
    It is difficult to summarize everything and translate, but today is very complicated to have opnions that generate the contradictory.
    When I mentioned about the "union" of the two and tried to direct the "detail" to the issue of rights and advertisements… I tried to show that there are two factors…those who pay to be in the game and those who want to be paid to be used.
    I believe that I have always been in favor of modders…even for knowing and playing since the first versions.
    Perhaps, a wrong or mistaken opinion due to being led or misled is different from stating a fake news.
    Nowadays even games are politicized and polarized.
    I had made a comment on a Mr.SealyP video and was not very happy with the repercussion of this comment.
    But it doesn't affect me at all…even though I am wrong or partially wrong.
    Anyway…when I said that few know how to be youtubers because of talent, that includes you, Virtual Farmer.
    I know how youtube works…and I let some ads go through completely when I know the channel is good.
    I'm not just a view number.
    I am not one of those who opens the video, leaves the like and walks away…youtube has changed thousands of times the ways to "credit" a video for monetization and your ads.
    And as I know thousands of channels about Farming Simulator… I know very well who has talent or not.
    Or at least the ability to entertain.
    I know I am a pain in some details…like the advertisement of energy drink to play the game.
    Energy drink can be very bad for many teenagers.
    As well as the use of the "gamma" of the monitor and the time in front of the screen…
    Am I being against energy drinks? maybe yes…maybe no…but for some cases, YES.
    Just as I was against the Rocket League campaign movement and the lgbtqia+1 cause.
    Nothing against…but in a free game with no age limit…then I am against.
    Children are children…period.
    Life is not easy.
    I am getting old for many things and experienced and wise old for others.
    I expected a little more from FS22 I have to admit…
    I bought the game even though I paid 6(six) times more for it. exchange rate between currencies is fatal in any pandemic…and even more so in a third world country.
    But I bought the game…

    Sorry for the long text… but I am not the "monster" that some try to label me.
    I don't have a social network to be "cancelled".
    But I also have no ability to defend myself in another language without using a translator, even with the language barrier errors when translated by app's.


    p.s.- I am almost 50 years old…and just a simple viewer.
    Retired…waiting for life to end.
    but I had the opportunity to participate in the birth of the internet…since it was bbs network.
    and i have dedicated over 4,500 hours of my life…with giants and the farming sim series.
    Just playing.

    Translated with DeepL/Translator (free version)

  4. I would like to know if the AI Worker can navigate fields with heges and fences around them like in oakfield map on fs19 and tree islands. Also will the worker complete whole fields and not leave bits.


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