Farming Simulator 22 – Dedicated multiplayer server setup (PC/PS/XBox CrossPlay) using GPORTAL!


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Farming Simulator 22 – Dedicated multiplayer server setup (PC/PS/XBox CrossPlay) using GPORTAL!

Video Editing by: Garrett Dadoun

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  1. My friend and I want to have two maps going at the same time. One US and one UK depending on what we're feeling that day.
    Is it possible to upload a new savegame to the server without losing the progress on our first map.
    I understand they probably can't be active at the same time, which is fine. I just don't want to lose any progress.

  2. I have followed your steps and set up a dedicated server for my game, I now want to upload a game save for a multiplayer game we have been playing for a little while now. The only issue I am experiencing is this game is saved to xbox so therefore saved to the xbox cloud, how do I access this save to use it on my new dedicated server?

  3. Question now is, what is some fair and fun server settings for the game that makes the game fair for everyone. (Would hate to see a few hours of work get wasted because I didnt have time to harvest it all, and now its winter because my friend was online all night and the game swapped season) o_O

  4. This is incredibly helpful, thank you! If my server rental has reached (or passed) it’s say 30-day rental term, do I have the ability to renew/reactivate the server without data loss?

  5. So, settings like Economy, periodic plowing, crop destruction, etc are not server settings, but rather client settings? One player can be playing with seasons enabled and another with it disabled??

  6. I have downloaded mods for my savegame. But when i want to start my server, there is a error in de game log file. And i cant start my server.. What is the problem? And how do I fix it?!

  7. quick question, if i want to host however i dont want to keep my pc on for long periods of time im out, can i turn it of or do i have to have the webpage open


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