Farming Simulator 22 Console Slot Count Explained FS 22 Tutorial


Todays farming simulator 22 video is everything you need to know about the FS 22 slot count for console. In this fs22 Slot count video I show you where the slot count is and how many slots are available for PS4, XBOX and next Generation consoles PS5 , Xbox Series X.
I hope you found this video helpful and keep your eyes out for more farming simulator 22 tutorial.



  1. Anyone having terrible lag while hauling pallets of lettuce? I'm on xbox1, with 21 pallets of goods it's almost too choppy to deliver the goods. If anyone has advice to alleviate this I'd be much appreciative for that advice.

  2. Loving your farm sim vids UK, very useful thanks! Good to see slot counts increased/improved generally, I'm one for big machines so always struggled with FS19! The more I see of 22 the more I think I need to purchase! Massive improvement…


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