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  1. Dude I'm new to the game and stumbled across your content. Your tuts are seriously well done. You got a sub from me and should honestly have a shit ton more subs

  2. i got a question, How do i chop up bales to use as food/bedding for animals i got a few small square bales of grass and a big bale of a grass and like 2 straw bales but no clue how to use it i got a shed that has a spot of nun but grass (dumped it out of trailer) and use that to feed all the animals.

  3. my problem is I had everything set for bales but got sick of moving the bales around or cleaning them up after a stack would fall over. so i made the switch to hay lofts and silage bunkers. problem im having is my straw blower seem to only take bales and i cant figgure out how to get straw into my cow barn without making bales. Anyone else have this issue or know if there is another way to do it?


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