Farming Simulator 22 💠 How I Get Rid Of Weeds


Farming Simulator 22 weeds can be turned off, however I decided to leave them on, and try to figure out one of the ways to get rid of them. @DjGoHam Gaming @Daggerwin @MrSealyp These guys are great for farming as well as Raptor but his channel isn’t showing up this time when I do @

Watch in 1440P even on a 1080P display. I do a fake 1440P upscale, in order to force YouTube to give me the VP09 codec, which makes videos look MUCH better. Between 1080P & 1440P, you’ll both get the VP09, though 1440P does give a tad more detail, even though it’s a fake upscale.

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  1. Another person that dealt say everything about the weeds what about the brown stage after you kill them how how do you get rid of the Dead ones where I can have the brown stage go back to where I can see if I need a fertilized I need to plow I need a grow anyting

  2. Seems that there's a lot of confusions about the weeds. And I suppose rightfully so, since the way time works in FS 22 causes it to be kinda iffy. Here are few things to note:
    1. In general your goal is to never let any weeds get above 50%. Basically when that happens your crop is considered "infected". Infected crops will never have 0% weed until your next cycle.
    2. IF you use the default setting, which is 1 month equates to 1 day, using shallow cultivators, disc harrows, or direct drills (the ones that can both cultivate and seed at the same time) will get the weeds around 75% when you go to sleep, which means your crop WILL get "infected".

    3. Weeds that are under 50% are not considered mature, and you can use weeders to remove them.
    4. If you use standard cultivators, the weeds will usually grow to 25% each month, so you still can use weeders for those.
    5. Herbicides do one thing that the game fails to mention: It permanently removes any weed growth on that cycle, which means you should spray right during seed stage. This will ensure your crops will never even have any weeds growing from the start. This is the best and arguably the only way to do it if you are on default settings and using the equipments mentioned at #2.

    Hope this helps.

  3. I used a Sprayer and Herbicide to remove the weeds but it didn't work and the weeds are still there with an amount of 20-50%
    I also tried a Weeder to see if it works or not. It didn't again. I don' know if it's a bug or something!


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