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Hey everyone welcome to the official DTA Farm we have custom made. Unfortunately we had a save game problem. We had to rebuild the farm… Fortunately I was able to build the farm how it was in the last video and added more details and a couple more things to the farm. While we go through on the farm update we take a look at our equipment for this series.

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Platform: Xbox One X

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  1. I just tested it out and you have to put the skid steer on the back of the trailer.

    If it’s above the wheels it will make the pickup truck unable to turn

    Same thing with the Demco, and Lode King.

    Great content!👍👍

  2. Your farm looks really good! I like the small details and realism. Trees look fine on the entrance too…
    After seeing the the Case Magnum 400 size compared to that older Mack looks kinda funny 😂 Thanks for the tour and hope you continue your farm journey! I'm on Xbox One X too…so your really one of the only Youtubers out there doing this for this specific console. I think you should edit your titles and put Xbox One X too instead of just Xbox one cause they're different in alot of ways. I still have not bought the game yet; waiting untill more patches, updates, and bug fixes in general. Looks like it runs pretty good. Keep doing what your doing bro cause I enjoyed watching this.


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