Enhanced Vehicle Mod | GPS Lite And Much More!! | Farming Simulator 22


Enhanced Vehicle Mod by Zhool is a great new mod for players of Farming Simulator 22. It offers many features including locking differentials, 4wd toggle, custom Hud, and a GPS like feature for locking in a course. Thanks for watching and don’t forget to like, comment, and subscribe.

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  1. Awesome vid Raz 🙂 Now i sort of know what I saw in this other vid in my own language 😀 Comment though. I think, saying that on my own example, showing all this, with an additional function above the HUD displayed(like this wheel, line assist, etc) would be more less confusing for people, will let them see visually what function is enable at any given moment.

  2. Red = on is actually a warning, hence the red, since a differential lock will NOT want to be used on hard surface streets. I had diff locks on an old Jeep and the lights on the controls also turned red when they were locked on that system.


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