Download These Top 22 Console Mods Now


Y’all have been asking for my top mods video and here it is. There are so many more top console mods that could have made this list. Maybe I’ll make another one if y’all enjoy this one.

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Lizard Colossus Pack

Tool Height Control For Headers

Lizard FH15 Plus Series

John Deere CS 770

John Deere 4755

MACK Superliner X

TLX Phoenix Series

TLX 9000 Series

TLX X52 Tipper

TLX 48ft Tanker Trailer

TLX X52 Enclosed Trailer

50Ft Gooseneck Transport Trailer

TLX 3500 Series

TLX 2020 Series

Fixed Crop Prices

Selectable Bale Capacity Pack

Lizard Platform Trailers

LIZARD Forage Pickup

All In One Production

Open Air Garden

Grape Orchard

Olive Tree

Liftable Pallets And Big Bags

CSZ Pack

LIZARD Subsoiler 6MT/9MT

ELHO Scorpio 710 Stone Picker

ISARIA Color And Range Extension

Precision Farming DLC

Fieldwork Fill Station

Multifruit Buying Station


Seeding Options

Join Team 53


Driver53 Speed Shop – Merch

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Farming Simulator 22 Season Pass (PC)

FS22 Platinum Expansion

FS22 Vermeer

FS22 Pump n’ Hoses

AGI Pack

FS22 Kubota Pack

FS22 Antonio Carraro Pack

Farming Simulator 22 (PC)

Farming Simulator 22 (PC-Download)

Farming Simulator 22 GIANTS Bonus Bundle

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  1. I think what you failed to realize about the colossus harvester mod is the fact that there is an upgrade for the harvester has a capacity of 153k. And it was updated to include a root harvester as well with a potential capacity of i think 253k liters. And the trailer that has the reefer version has a version of it that allows you to autoload a crap ton of stuff in it.

  2. Sad that in the second half of the video, the video simply turns into a "here is how to cheat basically everything in this game" video, giving me the feeling of why would I even still play this?

  3. So, dude, good work putting out the mod list for console, most just focus on PC. But I've noticed that if you go into prices it lists beef, chicken, pork and lamb meat , but on most maps there is no sale point placed down.
    So I searched and there are at least one placeable sale point.
    But, I couldn't find a slaughterhouse anywhere.
    Is there a slaughterhouse for console on the mod hub, really would like to explore this avenue of farming, do you know of a placeable slaughterhouse ?
    Thanks man, again, good job.

  4. Good list I have most of them. I have a few that missed this list but then I would have to brake it down more like equipment and factorys. Thanks for letting us see your favorites. 82 should just get his own number and lump them all in same could be said about jos, and a few others. I don't use the x52 much anymore as it's not the largest anymore but I do use the global pallets a ton.

  5. I enjoy all your videos thank you so very much for your contributions…

    I have a challenge.. I play on console and I have FS 22… for some unknown reason I can no longer add trees to any of my maps… it tells me I have too many trees yet I have not applied any trees… all of the other additions are available to all of the maps… I have no problem adding to any of them with the exception of the trees… thank you for your time and your expertise.


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