Do you ROLL Before or After Planting? | Farming Simulator 22 | Tutorial Series


I explore when the correct time is to use a field roller during your field prep and provide yield data to help you make the best decisions for your gameplay. Check out this tutorial on rollers in Farming Simulator 22.

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  1. Harvest, Mulch, Plant, Roll, Fertilizer will be the highest yield. Also be sure to lime before planting if needed and check fertilizer state throughout growth to be sure it stays at 100%.

  2. You would do the rolling right after planting. In some countries a thin layer of slurry will be applied after rolling as well. This is important in sandy soils where wind will move sand/soil leaving the seed exposed. The slurry will keep the sand/soil in place acting like a coat. It has no fertilizer purpose.

    On pastures you would use meadow roller to even the surface when the cows have been stomping around….

  3. "Regular rollers are used after sowing, when the field is already cultivated and the seeds are in the soil. With a roller, you condense the soil, and therefore increase its quality to increase the yield by 2,5%.

    Tip! If small stones are left on the field as a result of cultivating, and because you didn’t use a stone picker to remove them, a roller will press them back into the ground.

    Warning! Stones left on the field can damage your machines. Seeding machines can manage small stones quite well. You should roll over them after seeding. Bigger stones should be removed, though.

    Grass rollers are different. They are used after mowing grass. If the grass is harvested, you roll over what’s left to prepare for the next growth cycle. By doing this, you automatically gain a fertilizing stage. Note, that if you roll over matured grass, its growth stage will reset."

  4. hello mike…we are real farmers from the netherlands….we used this method…..first plowing then cultivated the field when its necessery then put seeds and liquid fertiliser in there or slurry thats also good for your field then you rolling the field but no need for always after seeding….normaly we dont need that rollers…..also lime is good for your field after 2 times harvesting put lime in your field….thats how we do it in the netherlands….regards..

  5. hmmm… .Now you have me wondering how much you would have gottem without any rolling and of course the opposite of that. How much if you rolled before AND after…. Loving the new field preperations and what they all entail…

  6. I feel sorry for the fellas that are jumping into Farming Simulator 22 with no past experience. They need to go back to 2017, run 1 to 2 hundred hours then farm 2019 for another couple hundred hours just to get the basics. 2022 is a whole new platform, way more features than previous editions. Yields, seedbed prep, and almost all the implements have their own individual purpose now. -Can’t wait til we get our articulating tractors back to having working frames.

  7. From what I gathered in Real World farming….rolling is done after the crop is seeded to pack down the stones in the field so when it is harvest time it prevents the header from picking up these stones and damaging the harvester, especially with low lying crops…not to important for tall growing crops.

  8. Honestly I do both. I do it before to obtain the seedbed status, and after to get the rolled status. I think it's kinda dumb how it works currently, but whatever, do what I gotta do for the yield lol

  9. With the new 1.2 update you have to roll after planting/seeding, otherwise when you go to the Soil Composition pane on the map it will just show your planted/seeded field needs rolled and you can't see what the fertilizer state is. To me it makes more sense to roll before planting to make a nice uniform seedbed. Only time I've ever seen anyone roll after planting/seeding IRL was when planting grass or alfalfa with a spreader to push the seed down into the soil to improve/speed up germination. That's not necessary when using a row crop planter or seed drill as they put the seed down in the soil already.

  10. Here in Bulgaria, we use the rollers after planting/sowing the Wheat and Barley, its used to press the soil and the wheat to have better root system for the winter. In real life it can be done after the plant have grown, when its 3-4-5 cm in height, it also presses the soil and the growth rate improves. In some cases in can be done in the summer for the corn, because the corn is really strong plant and can "push" from hard soil, but not for the sunflower. But thats in real life, in the game you can use it anytime as we see. 😀


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