Completing Contracts for Money…In ALL The Wrong Ways! – Farming Simulator 22


Our fields are all planted with canola in Farming Simulator 22, but we can’t harvest them until next fall. We’re going to need to cmoplete some contracts for other farms in the neighborhood to keep making cash…

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  1. Watched this movie and got curious about what you saw with the potatoes. So created a small spreadsheet to calculate the seed usage for the size. First of all, the seed usage for each type per m2 is found in maps_fruitTypes.xml in Farming Simulator 22datamaps. So here we see potato with a usage of 0.38 vs e.g wheat of 0.05. iirc your field was 4.45 ha, so thats 44,500 m2 times 0.38 and gives 16,910 liters of seed.. Big bag is cheaper at 800 than the pallets you bought at 900, but even that gives 13,528 in pure seed vs the 15,219 you would need for a perfect sow without waste in your case… Unless I completely goofed in my calculations here.. FWIW; I really like this mechanic, many companies in real life struggle as they can't properly calculate the cost of work in contracts etc, so having contracts that lose money makes perfect sense in the game 🙂


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