Can we still make a profit leasing a combine? – Farming Simulator 22 – ELMCREEK EP12


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  1. When you can harvest your fields in 3 1/2 passes.. you combine is too big for your fields 😏 One of the older New Holland combines mods is out now. It would probably fit better.. and much cheaper to lease.

  2. BTW, for good, honest money, get into some grass silage. It will pay off in 1-2 years on medium, 3-4 on hard…at your rate, it will be very tough to expand using primarily regular crops…that's why most have gone to produce/eggs to jumpstart – but to me, that's too easy, silage makes you do the work. Round bales are the way to start, due to the equipment being cheap, and higher capacity transport autoloaders. I would stay away from the fast baler. It has the same problem it had in seasons19 – if you wait for a full cut and get 50% more yield (one month after grass can be harvested, you will see the texture grow more, however no change on HUD map), the swath for 10m or more will make the fast baler drop down to 4-5mph. I modded the 150cm baler to fast bale, and I only get 5-6mph.

    Screw it, I'm going square bales, it will be faster, and eventually cheaper when followme comes out and I can have the wrapper follow the baler. another $300k investment in equipment, but I'll keep the round baler setup for straw, I hate mixing product and getting a bale you don't expect. You can keep it real using the square baler for autoload pickup, but then use new unofficial modded flatbed square bale trailers for edge of the field drop off (I think they still only carry 24 atm, but better than current 14 square bale autoloader, and eventually they will certainly support 48 sq bales). Also, I will use the modded autoloader for putting bales back on the trailer and selling. Its silly that the ingame balers can pick up the entire stack easily, that they just dumps. Right now I autoload my stacks sitting at the BGA, 1 at a time to sell, what a PITE. In 19, you can ram bales to move them. In 22, they are BRICKS – even the snow plow couldn't move more than 7-8 bales at once, any more and it couldn't push. Physically, the stock square baler autoloader should definitely be able to reload a stack it just dropped, maybe not the round baler…that would be a great mod idea – but I dunno, no one did custom animation autoloader bale trailers in 19, they just took flatbed and made the autoloaders…which is a bit sad.

  3. Will be interesting to see how much money you make, selling lettuce, and paying for water. Honestly, I think you are the first youtuber to actually PAY for the water, lol. If still too much, you can set it to autosell, or perhaps sell once a day, to simulate getting perishable items to market. I do that with milk, daily sales, just like the real guys.

    With the chaotic prices, I'm actually enjoying it more that seasons19. It forces you to keep an eye on best prices, and sell whenever. Isn't that more realistic than just hoarding all year, and then dumping it to a buyer that will buy infinite, until he realizes he has enough stock for 20 years? lol. I also love that production buyers have a limit on what they can buy, and have to work it off – that makes it much more realistic – I wish all sell points were like that – the only problem with it is you don't know how much they can buy. sucks bringing a ton of product in, and they can only buy a little. They should allow you to look at their facility, but not make any changes.

    And finally, a great mod would be annual contracts. Correct me if I'm wrong, but from watching MF, he has contracts for most of his corn/soy before he even harvests, sometimes when he plants, right? We of course need better tools to analyze yield estimates, but that would add an AWESOME game play factor, and should give some of the best prices…a commodities market is born. 🙂


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