BEST Yielding Crop for Silage | Farming Simulator 22 | Tutorial Series


I explore what crop has the highest yield when used for silage to help you make the best decision for your Farming Simulator 22 gameplay.

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  1. Is that maximum yield grass? Looks like it, 3 days is what it takes and the grass in the video seems to be fully grown. Just making sure. Grass definitely seems the better choice if playing seasons.

  2. Just some critique…

    One, no animal other than cows eat silage. So if you’re not doing cows all you can use it for is to sell.

    Two, you can get four harvests a year from grass, without replanting, it beats corn hands down. Plus, it doesn’t need the big expensive equipment to cut. Just a mower and a pickup wagon, which you can put additive in and get 5% more from.

    While you can also use the additive in the forage harvester, it’s still not going to beat grass for silage.

    Three, you don’t have to wait until the crops are fully grown to cut it into chaff. Corn, for example, can be cut at the four month mark without losing yield.

    You won’t be able to get a second crop in a year, if using seasons, but maybe you need the get the silage in quicker…

    Next, you don’t need to fertilize grass, just use a grass roller. Under grasscare. It gives a fertilizer state for free. No need to buy fertilizer.

    Lastly, silage only take one month to ferment when in a bunker. Watch the clock, it goes up about 4.5 % per hour. So you need twenty hours roughly for it to ferment. This is way faster than bales, just for the comparison.

  3. If you're playing with seasons, grass is king – you only get 1 harvest from each crop per year, except grass, where you can get 3 cuts. With grass you can mow, collect and use a grass roller (for +50% fertilization), and get full yield every time. Plus grass is a plant once only crop, so you don't have to factor seed purchase into the mix every year.

    Another thing I noticed, which I've not tested, the forage headers are now all crop headers – unlike FS19 where there was the corn header, and the "everything else" header – I'm assuming there isn't a yield difference between the two header types for a given crop.

  4. Try this strategy (if you play with seasons): after corn harvest plant grass – in April you can make silage using bale wrapper. This will allow you to use the field all year with two different crops (grass + the one you want).

  5. Good video. Results answers a lot of questions. I haven't work any silage in FS 22. In FS19 I used grass for the reasons you mentioned. Convenience in multiple uses. Also remember cutting corn early on the third growth stage. This would shorten the cycle and make corn more valuable. Maybe something for another test.


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