AUTOLOAD // Pallets and Bales Are a Breeze // Farming Simulator 2022 Gameplay


AUTOLOAD! Pallets and Bales are a Breeze! Never again will you need a forklift to slow down your production! Now just load your goods onto an Autoload Trailer and POOF! Like Magic you’re off to the Bank! Check it Out!

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**DISCLAIMER! These mods have been updated and the links will being you to the original download. But, if tou follow the link and in the website, type the name of the mld, it will eing you to the latest update. Thanks for astchknf and HAVE FUN!**

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  1. I"m so confused because my game, played on PC will not allow me to pick up pallets after a certain weight. Every video I have watched, everyone else can pick up the pallets no matter how heavy they are.

  2. A game is supposed to be fun–even a Sim game. IRL, forklifts make life so much better…in this game, not so much. So, let's say that autoloaders fulfill the "spirit" of the intent of the forklift. 😉

  3. I tried to install the autoloader by Stratmann but it does not work. None of the loaders you mention in your video mention that they are autoloader. If you have an answer to my problem it would be Great, Other problem I have. Every one who have videos can move pallets with the hand but when I try it yje menu tells me the the object is too heavy.Hope to receive an answer.
    Thank you

  4. Forklifts and frontloaders would be great in Farming Simulator, but GIANTS never does anything to make them anything less than complete garbage. Without the means to actually lean and adjust views in the cab quickly and accurately to be able to even see your own forks and where they are or how they're positioned, you have to switch to 3rd person view to know if they're flat, low enough to gun inside the pallet, rather than hit it and push it back. So realism is absolutely impossible, and autoloaders become equally as unrealistic. Might as well just use autoloaders, instead of just trying to pretend you're getting realism out of pallet forks.

  5. I have a problem, the process is going well if I buy something from the market, but when I go to take my products from the green house, it does not work. Why do I hope you tell me what the problem is because I hate the game

  6. Anyone know how to get these to work in multiplayer? I added one to my client, and had my friend do the same, but they don't show up when trying to launch a multiplayer game as activatable. I would really like to be able to use this functionality in our multiplayer games but I can't figure out why they aren't showing up when running it in multiplayer.


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