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Farming Simulator 22, How to Video on AutoDrive, and tutorial video. One of the best Mods from FS19 makes a comeback to FS22, and now it’s even better! How to mini-series on Autodrive.

In this video, I show how to use the Unload Combine feature.

Part 1 –
Part 2 –
Part 3 –

AutoDrive link –

Farming Simulator 22 on the PC, with several mods & in 4K

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  1. Nice! You shold add that for a bigger map you better make that as secondary routes ore your tractors will go in there all the time even if the could go straight.Or is it just me game? Because i have to do it again all because I did not know…

  2. Hi Scroft.
    I really like your videos about how to guides.

    When I do this harvest – empty – deliver to silo a simply course I belive, then I have this issue when the tractor get to the silo its gonna stop and turn of the engine just before the silo, when I then start the engine my self and drive the tractor up and empty to the silo, AD takes over and drive back to wait point.

  3. Hey scroft. I have downloaded an autodrive file for elmcreek, but on some roads the autodrive path is brown instead of the usual green or purple/blue. I also can't create a brown route myself as displayed. What is the difference between those 2 colours, and why does the brown route exist?

  4. Question!!
    For all you autodrive guys
    Is it possible to run trailers on autodrive while a hire worker is on the forager,
    So I can level and compact my self.
    I have tryed but autodrive workers get tied up on the turns.
    Many tnx

  5. I have found on huge modded maps the auto driver will goto the combine fine but can't find their way back to the course. Do you have any suggestions or tips that could help with that?

  6. Thanks for this video. I was wondering why the harvester wasn't calling the unloader. It's all cause I didn't have the wait point set up. Soon as I set that the unloader came along side!

  7. I have enjoyed this series I'll put my findings with autodrive here and probably on the first vid. So in setting up your route to silo, you'll probably want to join to the road network. That will have been generated by autodrive when you first played with the mod. First of all. Whenever you add small routes on, remember to open edit and save your routes when you make it. on a couple of occasions I've had the mod crash and delete my network. On the second and third time I was able to load from the save. Second thing, every junction on the auto generated routes I've found needs a small edit in each direction. Say you have a T junction with each direction on the straight, then the two turns off on a right turn. Check the nodes where the routes join by right clicking and moving them slightly. On the side where there is a straight on, check that same nexus of nodes on the opposite side of the road, even if you think it looks straight. It doesn't always join those. You'll find that the auto generate doesn't connect nodes where the routes come together and you probably have to manually do it. The other way you can test this is a mysterious "driver can't navigate to waypoint" error. On those probably 3 nodes that all get placed over one another, make sure you dont have the middle one go backward against the direction of route either, that can mess it up.

  8. Could you show how to 2 carters unload 1 harvester, pls. Where we should park 2nd carter at? Same wait point or we need 2nd wait point ? And for example we have 2 fields side by side, we have 1 carter for each combine how we tell carters to go which combine?

  9. Is there any command or setting to tell the ad worker that you are about to make a turn? I was doing some silage and, when the ai worker is driving the forager, it sends a command to ad that it's making a turn (tractor shows waiting for combine to turn). I would like to tell him the same if I am driving the forager myself, ad stays by my side and i have to then waut for him to change sides

  10. I’ve had issues where the unloader tractor won’t drive beside me and also drives off before the combine is empty ? and I checked the trailer hadn’t reached its unload level

  11. Thanks for another great and informative video on Autodrive.

    The other day I did a huge potatoeharvest and used 2 tractors to unload and sell the harvest while I was enjoying running the harvester. No problems at all… Happy new year.


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