AMERICAN PRAIRIE – NO MAN'S LAND – SERIES TRAILER – FS22 – Farming Simulator 22 – Let's Play PS4


American Prairie Series – Series Trailer – No Man’s Land – Farming Simulator 22 – PS4 Let’s Play – FS22 – Seasons

Probably the most favourite map returns to FS22. I have bought abandoned farm in the American prairie with little over 100 acres of land. Farm has no utilities except horse pasture in the yard. I have 5 000 dollars left in my pocket and no equipment. Bank is trusting in my experience and has promised a loan of maximum 500 000 dollars. Will I be able to make it? And how big the farm can expand?

Seasons: 3 days / month
Economy: Hard
Weeds: On
Field Stones: On
Snow: On
Lime: On
Periodic Plowing: On
Crop Destruction: On
High Fuel Usage

– No field work during rain
– Extending seasons is allowed
– Slowing and fastening time allowed

Map: No Man’s Land
Map by: Alien Jim

If you like to help me develop the channel and get Hosted Server for a year for FS22, feel free to use donation link below. It would enable an opportunity for record multiplayer series, where you guys can also participate. Every, even little amount, is amazing and I’ll be forever grateful.



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  1. Bwoah. This is going to be awsome. I did Nomansland myself in FS19 also. It was the map i made the much hours on, by far. Its going to take a lot of hours to create something but im sure you will create a wonderfull farm!


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