Vestas 2MW Windturbines v1.0.0.1 FS22


Vestas 2MW Windturbines v1.0.0.1 FS22
Vestas 2MW wind turbines with different hub heights
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Hello everyone!
This mod consists of 4 Vestas 2MW Platform wind turbines with different hub heights.
The following are the features of the plants:
All turbines adjust to the wind and change their speed depending on the wind speed.
Anemometers are animated and adjust to wind speed.
Obstacle marking adapts to the light conditions in the different seasons.
The income per hour and the daily maintenance costs are one thousandth of the purchase price.
The following systems are included:
Vestas V90 2MW: 80m, 95m and 105m hub height (Price each: €100,000)
Vestas V100 2MW: 80m, 95m and 120m hub height (Price each: €150,000)
Vestas V110 2MW: 95m, 110m and 125m hub height (Price each: €225,000)
Vestas V120 2MW: 92m, 118m and 137m hub height (Price each: €375,000)
More pictures can be found under the following post, as only a maximum of 5 file attachments are allowed here: Vestas 2MW wind turbines
These are not detailed illustrations of the real models. Only the hub height, the rotor diameter and the rough appearance are based on the real images!
Also note that “2MW” in the name of the turbines only stands for the platform of the individual turbines and not for the power!
This mod may be set on other websites as long as the download leads to the LS Modcompany download link!
Enjoy your time! If you have any questions or suggestions, you are welcome to write a comment.


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