VehicleInspector V1.8 Beta FS22


VehicleInspector V1.8 Beta FS22
The VehicleInspector is designed to give you a quick overview of your vehicles. What are they doing/what do they have loaded/which ones are active etc. etc.
copy header
new Optional VI Output over MultiOverlayV4 Hud Slot
fix view Player Name and AutoDrive Helper
fix view Player view Helper (isPlayer and not isHelper)
new optional color on/off icon for Cmd VehicleInspector On/Off
fix load Server (stoped)
new VehicleInspector On/Off Cmd for MultiOverlayV4 Hud
new performance optimization for OnlyControlled Vehicles True
fix Speed Text
fix View PlayerName
In multiplayer and single-player play.
MultiOverlayV4 Hud Ready
ATTENTION! some vehicle mods are not supported
Features: InGame Settings menu. Everything is optionally adjustable. Join vehicle by clicking on a vehicle in the display when you have the mouse more active. etc. etc.
View LS 22 KeySettings for MouseCursor On / Off (Default * F12 * for all my mods) here
!! Not everything works and not everything is unlocked either !!
The variety of vehicles, trailers, etc. makes it impossible to test everything and every constellation. That’s why BETA and why a modder needs bug reports
Bug list for the current version: Fix (next version) Check not reproducible info
.other PlayerName
Xml Speed Text Edit
Blocking vehicle

Credits:Modell: HappyLooserTextur: HappyLooserScript: HappyLooserIdee / Konzept: HappyLooserTester: HappyLooser/ModHoster UserSonstige: HappyLooser

Tags: Alles Optional EinstellbarATTENTIONModder Bug ReportsPlayer Name



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