Universal Autoload v1.3 FS22


Universal Autoload v1.3 FS22
This specialization applies globally to all configured pallets and trailers.
Version v1.3.0.0
Aiming to release on ModHub as v1.3.0.0 so will fix bugs and add GIANTS suggestions if required without changing version number, just the candidate number.
There is no separate version of each vehicle that can be bought in the store,
and no configuration needs to be selected,
it only works with supported vehicles.
If you already have a configured vehicle in your memory, the autoload specialization will be applied with the mod,
i.e. H. There is no need to re-sell and buy each vehicle.
It can also be removed from all vehicles simply by removing the mod, your trailer will not disappear.
Trailers supported by the base game are defined in the SupportedVehicles.xml file.
Some trailers only support certain configurations, e.g. B. the bale trailer configuration (see list below).
The configuration must contain the specialization “tension belts”.SUPPORTED FOLLOWERS:
Brantner DD 24073/2 XXL (bale trailer)
Bremen transport wagon TP 500 S
Steel Demco drop platform
Farmtech DPW 1800 (Standard)
Fliegl DTS 5.9
KRONE Profi Liner trailer
Kroeger PWO 24 (Standard)
LODE KING glory drop deck
Welger DK 115 (bale trailer)
1986 Lizard pickup
2017 Lizard pickup
Mahindra Reclaimer
John Deer XUV865M
All base game pallets and containers (Bigbags, IBCs, etc.) are supported for autoloading.
This includes production pallets and those that can be bought in the store.
The method of identifying a palette is to map the i3d filename to a predefined size.
The base game palette sizes are defined in the ContainerTypes.xml file.
**Please note that only square bales are currently supported**
– I plan to add support for round bales and a work mode to collect bales in a future version.


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