Rogatki NEW Multifruit Edit v3.0 FS22


Rogatki NEW Multifruit Edit v3.0 FS22
This multifruit edit makes use of the new 64 fruitTypes support from Giants; it is built on the latest original map Rogatki from VenTuriOGames.
As usual, you need to unzip the pack and combine the files with the original from the provided link. USE THE VERSION FROM THE LINK FOR BETTER COMPATIBILITY.
It is not an update, because it needs a fresh save, no possibility to convert an old save (many changes in i3d, different gdms, lack of placeables, etc.).
Included in the pack: a trailer for rabbits and the Goweil add-on for the new bales.
Placeables and Productions are found in the Production Pack, which is mandatory on the map.
Multifruit: all the crops from Rogatki 2.8, plus horse grass (same filetypes as maize-plus), tobacco;
Changes: rice foliage changed, and the map is now made with Production Revamp, to add new fillTypes to the sellingpoints.
Swathable crops added: rice, triticale, spelt, buckwheat (now 10 in total, alongside wheat, canola, oat, rye, barley, and linseed).
Now playable without precision farming, although it is prepared for it also.

Credits:Jinkou89 VenTuriOGameS

Tags: EASProduction PackProduction Revamp



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