Papenburger Map v1.0.1.6 FS22


Papenburger Map v1.0.1.6 FS22
– Vegetation of deciduous and coniferous trees completely revised. Attention There “could” be floating. If you discover it, please post it in the comments with a picture and coordinates.
– For technical reasons only 1 type of fir
– Detection range for extensions at the large cowshed increased to 150.
– The 4 liquid manure stores now also have a movable tarpaulin ( you just have to lower the terrain (round) via the construction menu/Terraform options. You probably have a few €
– Shop added (once again) fairer for everyone.
– Exchanged silos for a new version
– Roads farmland at one point (Betlehem junction separated up to the curve or created a new one)
– Traffic splines revised. Drive further to the right and should not stop in oncoming traffic or slow down.
– 1 forest removed at the splitting + new field
– Restart the game is recommended, but not absolutely necessary.
Here I present you my Papenburg map. It’s not quite final yet. But when is a map ever?
– 4 times map
– 105 fields of 1-87 hectares of arable land, grassland, and forests
– Fruit types: wheat, barley, sunflower, corn, rapeseed, oats, millet, poplar, grass, pasture grass, potatoes, sugar beet, soybeans, rye, alfalfa, clover green rye —> Maisplus is required for this
– 131 plots hectares price 20000€
– over 150000 trees
– Extensive field and path system
– 3 cow pastures (buy with farmland)
– 4 farms including machines (1 dairy farm, 1 milk+pig farm, biogas+wage farm, 1 milk+biogas farm)
– Competitive MP Ready
– Basic supply at main points of sale. Including grain mill, granary, baker, cheese factory, dairy and sawmill, 2 cattle dealers, 2 bale sales points, 2 lime sales points
– 4 slurry tanks in different places. (buy with farmland)
There will be regular updates over the next few weeks and months. So be patient.
Map has been extensively tested.
Have fun!


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