REA22 Implements v1.0.2 FS22


REA22 Implements v1.0.2 FS22
Improved performace.
Decreased power applied to harvesters for sugerbeets and potatos.
Harvesters for sugerbeets and potatos no longer get to much power applied.
If width of implement was changed groundstate node could cause errors, this is fixed.
The goal of this mod is to make the game feel more realistic and
customizing the vehicle for the task more rewarding.
The goal is to make the mod universal.
This mod supports multiplayer and dedicated servers.
No changes in XML is needed. Some data from XML is overwritten!
Pulling force for plows, cultivators, roller and sowingmachines is affected by ground type and state.
Balers, loading wagons and harvesters uses power based on fillspeed and density of material.
For example:
Seeding directly into the stubble demands more power then seeding a cultivated field.
Running a roller in a plowed field demands more power then a seedad field.
Harvesting higher yeild demands more power then a low yeilding field.
Lighter materials demands less power then heavy, baling hay is easier then grass.
The force applied to pulled tools is now applied on the correct place.
Left or right side can get less or more force applied deending in the ground type and state on each side.
Force is also applied from the sides to make implements more prone to follow their own path.


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