Ossiacher Tal v1.0.1 FS22


Ossiacher Tal v1.0.1 FS22
This is a mod for the LS22 only for (PC)
Welcome to my first map Ossiacher Tal.
The map was created freely and is based on my home country Austria (Carinthia).
the terrain and path structure corresponds to the nature of my homeland
On the map you will find 41 fields, 4 meadows and 4 forest areas which are divided into large and small
split into sections
There are 2 farms on the map that are fixed because the new animals make it impossible to leave
The new animal types are bulls, chicks, calves and ducks.
You will also find new fruits on the map
Spelled, poppy seeds, onions, rye, white cabbage, red cabbage and carrots.
There is also a slaughterhouse next to the butcher’s and 2 more
Productions are also included is a waste recycling from the butcher
Various productions with sales points were installed.
Please help if you have any questions in my Discord under Support
Extra modshttp://modsfile.com/323o8mg99rfs/LS22_metzgerei.zip.html
AD Course:http://modsfile.com/lqxczzhaa3wl/Patrik_AD_Kurse.zip.html
BlackpatModding wishes you a lot of fun on the Ossiach Valley map

Credits:LS-Schleswig Holstein Wingi,Susi FBM Matrin FM Modding Farmer Marco ALM Olli Swissfarmer Landbauer FM Lambo

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