La Gersoise Map v1.0 FS22


La Gersoise Map v1.0 FS22
Hello to all, today I share with you my map “La_Gersoise”
It’s a small map made up mainly of small fields so it’s a map rather intended mainly for soloing.
You will find there:
– 46 fields
– 14 meadows
– 1 farm with cattle breeding
– 1 agricultural cooperative and a point of sale at the back for straw, milk, etc…
– an agricultural dealer
– a livestock trader
– a water point at the second farmhouse
– a repair shop at the dealership
-a second firm body that can be used as ETA, CUMA, etc…
the map environment and the texture of some foliage have been modified
Regarding the spawn of the manure it will be necessary to manually place a place for it, otherwise it will not appear
I thank all the people who helped me to test it as well as to those who helped me with the buildings.
The map is far from perfect but due to a lack of time I prefer to release this version for you and why not improve it later.
Anyway, I hope you like it.
Thank you and good games to all.





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