Krajenskie Pola v1.1.1 FS22


Krajenskie Pola v1.1.1 FS22

Can’t decide whether you want to play on small or large machines? Standard maps too small for you? Or maybe you are looking for a development map where you can bone Bizon and end up with 3 Lexions?
If yes, you’ve come to the right place:
I present to you my map Krajeńskie Pola 4x. The map was created based on the real terrain of 3 towns located in the Kuyavian-Pomeranian Voivodeship.
The map has:
– 176 Fields
– 25 Meadows
– 1 Large forest divided into several smaller lands
– Fields from 0.18Ha to 52.37Ha
– 4 farms Small (Starter) / Medium / Large 2x
– SKR database
– Varied terrain
– MultiTerrain
– Stubble compaction
– 4 Purchases
– Almost the entire standard production chain
– Passive Income
– Increased economy for e.g. collecting stones
– Collectibles
– Possibility to play football on the pitches or Orlik
– Custom road traffic with pedestrians
– Local license plates for player and AI
– Automatic night lighting / Manual on one of the farms
– Custom textures
– Custom lighting
– Custom sound
– A few interesting facts
– Objects that appear depending on the season
– Perfect for MP 😀
Have a nice game!
(It is compatible with game saves from version
– Fixed the gates at the oil mill not opening, which stopped working after the update
– Fixed an issue with all custom sounds being audible after entering e.g. the store
– The opening of the gate at the warehouse has been accelerated by half
– Fixed the location of the Golden Harvest purchase icon in the PDA
– Fixed field ID 36
– The name of the purchase center was changed from ZBÓŻKO to ZŁOTE PLONY
– The name of the purchase center was changed from TROCINEK to DREWNOPOL
– The principle of operation of some sounds has been changed – now they can be turned off by turning down the ambient sounds in the game (e.g. the sounds of dogs barking, the clattering of storks, the sound of frogs, etc.)
– The color of the water on the map has been slightly changed
– Land prices have been adjusted
Prices for selling objects on farms have been adjusted:
Props – $700
Facilities – $5,000
Fences – $500
Wickets – $200
Gates – $300
– A marker has been added to the ZBOŻOPOL cluster
– Added sounds of a flying plane
– Removed collisions for all characters on the map
This is probably the last patch of the map and this version will serve as a base for the RowCropReady and Multifruit versions that are already being developed.


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