Holmer Pack v1.0.0.1 FS22


Holmer Pack v1.0.0.1 FS22
The “Holmer Pack” is an extensive modification for farming simulator.
It includes the impressive Holmer TerraDos T4-40, a versatile harvester capable of harvesting both sugar beets and potatoes.
With its specially designed cutterbars for sugar beets and potatoes, the TerraDos T4-40 is able to harvest precisely and efficiently.
The mod also includes a suitable trailer for transporting the headers safely.
The “Holmer Pack” also includes the liquid manure spreader XM3 from the renowned company Annaburger. With this device, farmers can effectively and evenly spread manure on their fields to improve soil quality.
The self-propelled slurry tanker TerraVartiant435 and TerraVariant585, also from Holmer, offer additional flexibility for different tasks in the field.
To keep your plants healthy and optimally cared for, the “Holmer Pack” contains the GlideFix15 spray system and the TV585 liquid manure tank, both from the renowned company Zunhammer.
The GlideFix15 spray system provides precise and effective spray treatment for your crops, while the TV585 slurry tank ensures reliable slurry storage and application.
With the “Holmer Pack” you get a comprehensive selection of high-quality farming equipment that will help you to optimize your harvests, tend the soil and ensure efficient workflows on your virtual farm.
Each vehicle and accessory offers extensive color configuration, as well as the ability to hide the decals. You can also choose between LED and halogen beacons for the customization you want.

Credits:MR Modding

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