Gariep South Africa FS22 v1.0 FS22


Gariep South Africa FS22 v1.0 FS22
Gariep is a small town in the Orange Free State in South Africa, though the town is small the farming is massive on this 4 x map.
If you would like to check the area on Google Earth:
-30.5433718128, 25.6677442965
The map has full game functionality including seasons,26 fields, 6sell points massive fields total field area of over 800Ha…(largest field 190Ha) and small ones as well (smallest field 0.24Ha)
Animals you can farm 3 x Large Chicken, Horse Large, 4 x Cow pasture Large, 3 x Sheep Large, 3 x Pig Large.
Massive  FarmSilo 3.2 Mil storage and all the rest thats needed to farm your heart out, starting with a great array of equipment, beautiful house, workshop and many more.

Credits:Giants for the Editor FarmerB0B Making the map LC _ Shaun _ BMF MODELS for the Shop SanAndreas For the farmhouse Christopher_Elk_Mtn_Modding for Sheds Luki (Lukasz Lacina) and Morne Geldenhuis for brilliant help in testing Morne Geldenhuis for supplying and testing various mods for the map

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