Fliegl ASW288 Schubboden Multi Trailer v1.0.0.4 FS22


Fliegl ASW288 Schubboden Multi Trailer v1.0.0.4 FS22
Fliegl ASW288 – 3-axle walking floor trailer, transfer vehicle, manure spreader, silage trailer in one!
Bug fix lua error in shop “Design” selection, fixed
Unloading side for the transfer wagon no longer has to be selected (preset without selection!)
Unloading sides are only possible in the trailers for the real existing options (without Überladerohr)
Corrected decals on the manure spreader, screws and other things are displayed correctly
Cleaned up XML
m3 instead of L display
“FüllLimit” function in the game is supported, permissible total weight recorded
Sliding floor color is the same as the rear cover and body color
Adjusted mod icon and shop icon
discharge sounds optimized
Manure spreader is precision farming raedy
Fliegl ASW288 Multi walking floor trailer
Sliding floor – trailer with 46m3 optionally with and without hood
Silage trailer with 54m3
Manure spreader with 46m3 with 24m spreading width
Transfer wagon with 44m3
trailing axles
Signs and lighting
sound animated
Choice of color for hollow
Choice of color for the rear cover + 80s structure + sliding floor in the same colour
Color choice rims
“FillLimit” function in the game is supported


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