Car creeper v1.1 FS22


Car creeper v1.1 FS22
Already pending on mod-network, don’t uselessly re-upload it there for no reason!
I converted the car creeper I did for fs19 previously, don’t use the rocket tune unless you plan to fly that day lol, I will probably update it when the service script get converted.
UPDATE V1.1, thanks to GTX for putting a service trailer on the ingame modhub, the service script has been implemented to my mod !!!!! just stand behind the “vehicle” and press the button to activate service (I had to put a key binding myself on my end, not sure if it’s a conflict with another mod or what, from GTX himself it should have been
<actionBinding action=”SV_TOGGLE_OPERATION”>
<binding device=”KB_MOUSE_DEFAULT” input=”KEY_m”/>
<actionBinding action=”SV_TOGGLE_MARKERS”>
<binding device=”KB_MOUSE_DEFAULT” input=”KEY_l”/>
as it is in his own modDesc


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