Bayrischer Wald v1.0.6 FS22


Bayrischer Wald v1.0.6 FS22
Hello, I would like to present my card to you here.
Version 1.0.6
No new savegame necessary
Floating Trees Deleted
Small outdoor area (fence lamps and flags) Erasable
Free range cows (fence) Deletable
Free range cows forage water trigger fixed
Added new NPCs with matching logos
Loading image adapted to 1.0.6
New savegame required
Compost can only be sold, unfortunately, with new savegames!
It is an original map that I will completely rebuild over time.
My goal is to make them almost unrecognizable in the end.
I think I’m on the right track.
What has happened so far?
I have worked on the terrain and so far some new fields have been added, the biogas plant and the main courtyard have found a new place.
Forest lovers have also been catered for.
Productions installed on the map as well as points of sale.
Of course, there are also freely placeable areas on which you can build another farm / forestry operation, etc.
ATTENTION IMPORTANT to all who have loaded version 1.0.5 so far do not need one
new score BUT THE PEOPLE where the map reload need a new score!
I hope you like my makeover.
If you have any questions or problems, please feel free to contact me on my discord.
I’ll include the link to it for you.
You are also welcome to visit my Twitch channel and leave a follow.
And please remember:
This is version V1.0.5 further modifications will follow.
Required modsMW-Hofpack1 from BernieSCS (required)MW-Hofpack2 from BernieSCS (required)MW-kleine Hof BGA by Zetor6245 (required)LEIMBINDER MACHINE HALLS by VertexDezign, Niggels (required)LS22 MORETREES from KR-Softwares ( Required )
To the new stuff
Cowshed can house 200 cows
Fixed some colli bugs
Yard decoration for sale
Main courtyard Completely new
Terrain work continued
Large courtyard area to build yourself
Bio heating plant moved
Lake/port replaced with farmland
At the lake New map edge!
Paint new ground types for ingame
Entire green areas to get more yield you have to plow and reseed
Multi Silo by LS19 Hasco -ls22 modders: Maurice Spencer, GreenShadowPlaYs
Unfortunately you have to sell the Dung Heap BUILDING once and place the DUNG HEAP BUILDING in this place again, then you get the crap from the 3 stables!
Free-ranging cows from the EIKS
BGA Ramp idea TheHunter/NeilloxGaming — Implementation ZoundGalaxy/Rubi_TV
1, dairy
2, joinery
3, Lime Production (Bought at the farm for €10,000) By Switty003
4, cereal factory
5, sugar factory
6, grape processing plant
7, Tailoring
8, Bakery
9, sawmill
10, Oil Mill
11, grain mill
12, biogas plant (new position)
Points of sale / unloading stations
1. Manure Manure Sale By Michel071276
2. biomass cogeneration plant
3. Beet/Schnitzel Lager By Michel071276
4. Stone and Potato Stock By Michel071276
5. restaurant
6. farmers market
Fields & meadows
In total there are 43 fields and about 13 meadow areas currently,
as well as 1 large and 1 small grape field
Barriers to secure construction sites. by FA01
High rack storage bin from Maddog
Washing area by HEADDY
Field and Meadow Barn by McBee
Farmhouse by Elk Mountain Modding
Farm garage by Elk Mountain Modding
Field silo from Ostry
Calf Igloo by Kevin8228

Credits:Michel071276 FA01 HEADDY McBee Ostry Kevin8228 Boeseroesi (HOT)Muggenpatscher Rivalaut EIks Struppy87 Switty003 MauriceSpencer GreenShadowPlaYs ZoundGalaxy !!!TEAM!!! NeilloxGaming ( Ersteller ) Showtek01 Baloou Caotboy Rubi_TV TheHunter Claasfahrer-84 Muni_Akira

Tags: Elk Mountain ModdingMulti Siloplaceableplow



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