2019 Peterbilt 567 SB v1.0 FS22


2019 Peterbilt 567 SB v1.0 FS22
Here it is folks the Peterbilt 567 SB from 4mr modding By the way SB stands for Set back front axle also allows you to turn sharper if anyone was wondering or ever wondered what sb stands for. anyways i have converted everything both turn signals work and hazards front and back all the lights turn on gauges work speedometer works lights for the hud works numbers work etc and also added more color options aswell since there were only like metallic ones now there are glossy ones anyways that’s about it if you have any questions/problems please feel free to comment or message me i’m on modhub regularly thank you for reading my paragraph lol have a good day/evening Thank you!

Credits:fs19: 4MR Modding and mapping FS22: TEC Modding AKA t3s91

Tags: SB



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