1972 Ford F150 Series v2.0 FS22


1972 Ford F150 Series v2.0 FS22
Update Log 2.0
32 Brand New Colors
3 New Rim Options + Updated BFG Radial Tires
Mod Now Supports Passenger
The Classic FS19 f150 makes its return in full stride with updated physics, some new wheels, and much-needed tuning! As from the previous version, all of the classic farm truck options have made their return with the topper now also being functional! the powertrain consists of either the 300 Inline 6 or the slightly larger 302 v8 in both a 4 speed automatic or 4-speed manual!. The truck color pallet has been revised to some of the best colors I’ve attempted to make over the past 3 years so enjoy the fresh looks of this ride! There are now 3 new sets of wheels and one set of tires that have made their way to the vehicle with two being from the 90’s F-Series and two being from some new models! If you want a minimalist good looking ford farm ring then look no further!

Credits:Mrboomnastic, Expendables Modding

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